Pigeon Forge, named for the pigeons that blanketed the banks of the Pigeon River and the iron forge built by pioneer Isaac Love in 1820, is unique in its combination of wild areas and visitor-oriented trade and commerce.

Pigeon Forge is the prime destination for shoppers, music lovers, whitewater and outdoor enthusiasts, even those wanting to have the wedding of their dreams.

It is worth the trip to also visit The Old Mill, built by Isaac Love's son, William, in 1830. It remains operational and is a National Historic Site.

The Great Smoky Mountains, a nature lover's dream, flanks the Pigeon Forge - Pigeon River Area to the south. Though beautiful year-round, the fall foliage alone, is worth a trip.

The wilderness is filled with a variety of plant and animal life. Several hundred species of birds reside year-round or migrate through, and in the spring the area is abundant with wildflowers. Wildlife includes bear, reintroduced elk and red wolves.

As with all spaces, this area has environmental concerns. Many have their eye on the environment, including the Foothills Land Conservancy and the Tennessee Environmental Council.